徐小波 Name Partner / Founding Chairman
Paul S. P. Hsu

Paul Hsu served as the professor from the department of Law in National Taiwan University. The three Presidents of Taiwan since 2000 had all studied from Paul. Moreover, He has introduced many leading enterprises from the world into Taiwan, such as Micron Technology, Ford, and McDonald’s. Paul is also one of the “Six Heroes” who canvassed U.S. Congress for pushing Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) forward. Over the past four decades, Paul has devoted himself into pouring the worldwide ideas from Asian-Pacific Regional Operations Center, Profit Center, and Trade Center. Moreover, he implemented a variety of groundbreaking concepts to promote Telephone and Telegraph Office Privatization of Taiwan’s Telecom Industry, Finance Privatization, and other industry reformations. Paul has a high status among the fields of law, industry, and academy.